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When you are committed to the best long term resident care possible, nothing seems impossible.

Earl's Pharmacy delivers one day of medications to long term care communities every day for accurate, efficient resident care.

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Earl's Pharmacy
Serving Saskatoon For 50 Years

Earl's Pharmacy DailyMed daily medication delivery means flexibility, accuracy and convenience for Saskatoon Health Region care partners. Exclusive to Earl’s DailyMed makes a real difference for health professionals

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In your long term care community, the safety and comfort of residents is your first priority

Daily medication delivery, available exclusively from Earl’s Pharmacy, means flexibility, accuracy and convenience for Saskatoon Health Region care partners.

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About DailyMed

DailyMed is a responsive daily delivery service to long term care communities in Saskatoon. With our unique and innovative system, nurses and care providers receive the medication they need for their residents day to day in convenient, easy to use pouches.

Earl's Pharmacy daily delivery system is convenient, saves time, and saves money.

  1. Medication for the next day is packaged for residents before 5PM
  2. Our team delivers orders to care homes across Saskatoon every night
  3. Adjustments are made daily, not weekly, increasing accuracy and reducing waste

Why Dailymed Works

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Earl's Pharmacy sets the standard for accurate medication delivery. Learn more about our history and how a commitment to our clients allows us to do things differently.

  1. Cost Savings: The DailyMed delivery system reduces the cost of medication overall
  2. Ease of Use: Each delivery has the exact medication required for that day
  3. Time Savings: Care partners and nurses don't spend as much time managing, sorting & distributing medicine

Nurses in long term care homes know that systems that save them time are their most valuable asset. With DailyMed, care partners trade time spent managing, sorting and distributing medication for time caring tor their residents.


Long Term Care


The Saskatoon Health Region and affiliates provide a vital service to their community in long term care homes. Earl’s Pharmacy can help communities deliver these services more efficiently


Earl’s Pharmacy supports independent accreditation efforts of Saskatoon Health Region and affiliate homes and will work with the region and with Accreditation Canada as needed

Serving Saskatoon
Earl's Pharmacy Saskatoon

For Nearly 50 Years