Prescription Delivery

Earl's Pharmacy has proudly served the Saskatoon Health Region and our long term care communities for almost 50 years.

A unique strategy, innovative technology, and a passion for providing the best care ensures that the team at our


continues to provide world-class quality and the only daily prescription delivery service in Canada.

We've committed over the decades to our unique one a day delivery for medications, a service offered by no other pharmacy large or small across Canada. Building relationships with medical suppliers, with technology providers and with our care homes means we understand how to solve the big challenges facing our increasingly vital long term care services.

Within the Saskatoon Health Region, we are proud that over half of the resident homes rely on the ease and accuracy of our DailyMed delivery. We feel we have set the standard for service by ensuring that our expert pharmacists adjust medications instead of overworked nurses and care home staff.

Long term care homes are places of safety, security and superior care for residents who come to these communities with a range of health needs.

Our long history with the Saskatoon Health Region and affiliated long term care homes has allowed us to evolve our services to meet the changing needs of this growing service sector. We commit to working closely with our partners on new innovations and technology to find new solutions to your challenges.

Trust our experts to help you deliver more to your long term care residents.