DailyMed from Earl's Pharmacy

Up-to-date medications, on time, every day. That’s DailyMed.

Earl’s Pharmacy has set the standard in the Saskatoon Health Region for accurate and efficient medication delivery. No other pharmacy provides a comparable services.

We respond on the spot if and when prescriptions change. Meds are carefully packaged and safely delivered within a day of any adjustments, rather than reissuing a whole week’s supply. Our unqiue system manages dosage and packaging automatically in the pharmacy, giving care providers more of their most valuable resource: time.

Earl’s Pharmacy and DailyMed are proud to provide these services for over 1,000 beds in the Saskatoon Health Region, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


long term care pharmacy

How it works

  1. Residents' prescription requirements are tracked using DailyMed's unique system. 
  2. Every day, our team of pharmacists and staff at Earl's packages mediciation separately in single dose packaging using our advanced PacMed system.
  3. Medication is delivered to care homes across Saskatoon every night, ready for  distribution by care home staff the next morning.
  4. If at any point a residents' medication is adjusted, the correct course is filled and packaged for delivery. This saves time, money, and reduces waste.

Simply accurate, proven results.

long term care pharmacy